Cass County PWSD
No. 9

Address: 25902 Southwood Rd, Harrisonville, MO 64701
Phone: (816) 884-5744
Fax: (816)380-4464

Boil Advisory issued for PWSD No. 9 customers West of I-49 has been lifted. No further precautions need be taken. 
Thank you for your patience.
Public Notice

During the remainder of the month of October, and through mid to late November, the following water systems in Cass County who purchase water from Tri-County Water Authority will be conducting a free chlorine burnout of their distribution system. Patrons may notice change in how water tastes, and a chlorine odor when a faucet is running. These conditions are to be expected during this process, and the water is considered safe for consumption. This process is a standard practice for water systems utilizing chloramines as a part of their disinfectant maintenance program. Following the burnout, the water systems will return to utilizing chloramines to maintain disinfectant residuals. Facilities that perform Kidney Dialysis and fish hobbyist may need to take additional actions to ensure proper chemical adjustments are made prior to using tap water.

Additional activities during this period will include flushing, which may result in discolored water. Once again, this is to be expected, and the water is safe to consume. Letting a tap run for a few minutes typically removes any discoloration.

For addition infomations call our office at 816-380-7490.

The water systems affected are:
Cass-Bates PWSD #12
Cass County PSWD #11
Cass County PSWD #9
Cass County PSWD #4
East Lynne