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2023 Annual Water Quality Report

Public Water District No.9 is pleased to provide you with the Annual Water Quality Report for 2023.  To view the full report, click on the blue Water Quality Report button on the upper right....

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Frozen Pipes? Here are some helpful tips.

Frozen Pipes Hints - Blue Pipes Blue Background

When temperatures are consistently at or below freezing:

  • If you have pipes that are vulnerable to freezing, turn water off at the source and empty the pipes of residual water.
  • Open cabinet...

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EMail Bills

Are you interested in getting your water bill via email?  Give us a call..... 

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Never be late with your payment again!

Sign up for ACH's FREE!  You will still receive a monthly paper bill from us.  Payment will be deducted from your account on the due date, which is the 10th of every...

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Primacy Fees

Primacy......Did you notice this extra charge on your July water bill?  We are required by the State of Missouri to collect this fee annually. These funds are used by the Missouri Department of...

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We have been made aware of FaceBook posts about District No. 9 being under a Boil Order.  Please be assured that District No. 9 is NOT UNDER A BOIL ORDER or BOIL ADVISORY.    Thank you!

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Annual Water Quality Report 2021

PWSD No. 9 is pleased to provide you with the Water Quality Report for 2021.  To view the full report, click on the blue WATER QUALITY REPORT button at the upper right.  Copies are available upon...

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